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Be an Entrepreneur.
"If you are going to punch a time clock; make sure you own that puppy."  Alan Williams advised in 1967, and I believe his advice still stands today.
Out-sourcing has become "The American Way" opening up mainstreet talent and money to the common "work at home" type of person.  Now the choice to belong to Corporate America means your choice or theirs.  If you want to work from home, this is a totally acceptable method of perfecting your skill and operating a business.  Not only acceptable, but currently applauded.
The focus on diversity currently sweeping the workplace presents a balancing act often denying talented persons a position they long to hold.  However, with the option of creating your own business, becoming an entrepreneur and leading the industry with a busienss of your own, opportunity expands.  Create the community environment you want to work in, develop a business to suit your style of work, and grow your own company as big or as little as you want it.

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