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Online marketing is a numbers game.  Traffic to your site is required to gain income from marketing a product online.  Link optimization increases the performance of your site. Let us improve the performance and optimize the links on your site with our proven methods and marketing tools.

Link Performance Services

Branding your site with specific link related key words brings your site into the forefront, marketing directionally, relating to similarly themed sites, and vocationally correct search engine positioning.

Basic Link Performance Services

Our basic link performance service includes proven techniquest that boost pagerank and start building links to your site. They include:

  • Reciprocal Linking
  • Submission to Directories

Seven steps lead to satisfactory Link Performance:

1. Review web site, content, target audiences, current link popularity and  current search engine rankings

2. Research your industry prospecting the top portals and web sites with the greatest market relevance

3. Prioritize prospects using factors including link popularity scores and present search engine positioning

4. Develop a static html link page replicating the exact look and feel of existing web site with links to all quality prospects

5. Implement a campaign to personally contact each prospect explaining the benefits of interlinking and requesting they provide a link to your web site

6. Once links have been posted, submit each web page with a link to your site. Additionally, submit your web site to the top directories including the Open Directory, Yahoo and LookSmart. (Yahoo and LookSmart fees are additional)

7. Quantify and monitor each web site that offers a link to your web site.

Basic linking services are included with our eBiz Basic Link Package.

Costs depend on keyword competitiveness, existing Pagerank and the number of keywords targeted.

For the past several years we have been serving this community with the best consulting services. We began as a two-person firm and have grown to over thirty-five consultants working independently from three offices.

Our firm has enjoyed great success, and we will continue to grow into the future.

Web eBiz Brand Performance

Advanced Linking Services

eBiz Brand Performance uses cutting-edge techniques to give you one-way links to your site using techniques as:

  • Article editing, optimization and submission
  • Press release optimization and submission
  • RSS feed creation and submission
  • Business blog setup and consultancy

Without these techniques it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain competitive in the search engine ranking pages for any length of time, mainly because all your competitors will start using them if they are not already doing so.

Our Advanced Linking services are included in the eBiz Primo Package and include.

  • Optimizing and submitting 5 articles to high-traffic article directories*
  • Optimizing and submitting 2 Press Releases*
  • Setting up 1 Blog on your server
  • Advice on blog writing, posting, news gathering and monitoring the blogosphere
  • Submitting your blog and RSS feed to RSS search engines/directories

Cost: $1599.00 per site

Contact us for Link Performance Services

Customer Accolades

"My website was working well locally, obtaining clients, making new contacts, and increasing my income monthly, but working with your organization dynamically change the exponential growth pattern of my business." -T. Jacobsen

"Fundamental development of my website was incredible, then when you added the link optimization, I knew I had a winner.  I've had more than 400 hits a day from the first week my site was online." - J. Rogers
"I was highly impressed with the projections for my site, and I haven't been disappointed.  From the second week my site was online, I've had 300 or more hits per day, and weekend hits are climbing past a thousand pretty regularly.  Thank you so much for your skill and dedication to making my business work." - P. Hayes
"Tomorrow is the 30th day since you built my site and set it up.  I've had more than 3000 hits on my counter, as of today.  I'm so impressed.  When I update, I will be back.  I want to discuss a proposal for setting up a newsletter for my clients too."  - J. Lawrence
"My website was barely paying for itself, when I contacted your office last summer.  Now, I'm paying my web fees, and last month I paid the rent on my land office, from income the site provided.  Thank you for introducing me to Link Optimizatin." - K. Petersen

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