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It is important for your company to have a Well-Written, Well-Designed, Search Engine Optimized Website.

Consider the facts -

  • Between 78 - 84% of all website traffic comes from search engines.
  • Over 93% of searchers don’t look beyond page 2 results.
  • 68 - 72% of searchers believe natural search results produce the most relevant information.
  • 41% of shoppers rely on Search Engine Results in reaching decisions in the buying process.
  • For B2C companies website-based leads are 62% more profitable than other forms of media.
  • 72% of potential buyers who use search engines purchase or request more information, but your website must be designed so they can find what they want.
  • Good copywriting can change your website focus to address your visitor's concerns and out-perform your competitiors websites by 20% - 30%.

According to an article at Search Guild, "SEO alone does not sell your products or services. It may increase targeted visitors. However even targeted visitors do not guarantee sales. Only your marketing endeavors will bring sales - and increase your profits."

Search Option Solutions

eBiz Brand Performance provides dynamic integrated designer websites to promote and market your business online. 
Your needs and requirements are unique.  We offer creative solutions to meet your needs, brand your market, serve your clients, and increase your online presence. Our customized solutions based site presents a flexible online medium for marketing your product. Whether you are small business, sole proprietor, or corporate, your priorities and goals will find a home with our designers.

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