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Multiply your effectiveness with a website that meets your clients needs and promotes a purchase from your business.

eBiz Brand Performance designs quality sites with effective marketing concepts, enthusiastic design enticements, and effective sales presentations embedded in the design.  Our content rich designs bring traffic to your site, clients to your business, and money to your bank with intense sales presentations that meet the needs of your clients while representing your products in the best light.  We recommend your business with quality branding techniques developed to lead the customer right to your door and keep them focused on your product.
eBiz Brand Performance creates demand for your product through legendary marketing precepts identifying quality and purpose for the client.  We bring in the traffic and bring them back for the product.

Basic Web Site Packages
* Four Page Introductory Site Design and Set up $199.00
* Seven Page Business Site Design and Set up (with two product pages) $399.00
* Ten Page Business Site Design and Set up (with five product pages) $799.00
* Ten Page Business Site Design and Set up (with five product pages and monthly newsletter)  $1299.00 including first year newsletters, and $99.00 a month after first year.

Specialized Proposals and Pricing is Available.
For more information contact our web designer at:

To Request Proposal or discuss site design objectives, please contact our office at:
eBiz Brand Performance
Division of Web Site Design
507 N.11th Street
Lamar, Colorado 81052

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