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Leverage content for brand performance!

Keywords and content rich information on your website create your own significant brand bringing traffic, marketability, sound design and performance to your website.

Quality content sets your site apart from the emotinal drama filling up the Internet. Credibility and visibility become an integrated solution to your online marketing needs. Every component of your online marketing style presents a dynamic, synergistic, focus lending identity to your brand. 
Customers recognize the paradigm you represent and return to your business because you promote solid business principles.  They understand the complexity of optimized sales and power eminating from words impacting and improving their lives. Entrepreneurial opportunity eminates from your focus on new business development, quality content, and persistence. 
Build your entrepreneurial presence while promoting the development of small businesses online.  Your view of the Internet presents an opportunity to promote Free Enterprise Development and New Business Creativity. 
You hold the power.  Word choice counts. Maximize the value of your content by using quality key words and keeping purpose in the forefront of your website!

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The Golden Rule of Website Building
By Bob Evans

Setting yourself up to earn a steady monthly income has to be a pre-requisite to your success online. There is no doubt that large sums of money can be made (and indeed are being made) from selling products or services online.

With over 300,000,000 internet users (and that figure is already obsolete even as I write this) the potential for long term wealth is very high indeed.

This fantastic new medium has brought untold possibilities for the small trader operating in a niche market. In fact the internet is made for just that type of marketer. It therefore goes without saying that anyone with the desire, knowledge or ability to market just about any kind of product or service online is a potential millionaire in the making!

You are probably already aware of the importance of having a website to use as a focal point for any products or services you are selling.

But do you know the golden rule you should always keep in mind when building your site and making it ready to welcome all those potential buyers? This rule is - keep it simple!

When I started out with my first web site I broke this rule of simplicity by filling every inch of my Home Page with all manner of graphics and fonts. This slowed down the loading time. There were also a number of links to other web sites that took my visitors away from my site - and almost certainly they never came back.

It took me a whole eighteen months to realise that what I was doing was never going to work. When I now look at the websites I was promoting a year and a half ago I cringe. What possessed me to put so much effort into them! Because I really did work hard at putting them together.

Take a good look at your own site. Pay very close attention to the following points:

* page design - navigation should be easy

* HTML - use of keywords in title and description meta tags

* use of graphics - minimum number should be used relevant to the theme of the site

* use of text/fonts - black text on a white background works best

* hyperlinks - use the "target_blank" tag to ensure external pages open in a new window

* reason for existence - is the purpose of the site clear?

Believe me, when it comes to setting up a website that SELLS, you do not need stunning graphics, dynamic HTML or Java Script. These things could spell the end of your business! Especially when it comes to getting ranked on the major Search Engines. (Don't ignore these, they could be responsible for up to 80% of traffic to your site!)

So, here is a summary of how your Home Page should be made up:

* a maximum of 2 graphics and these must be central to the theme of the site

* about 800 words of text, including a list of benefits and a good description of what you offer

* a clear navigation bar

* a colour scheme that is consistent but not "glaring"

* any links to external sites should open in a new window

* try to avoid placing a graphic at the top of the page

* use Meta Tags that include one or two keywords in the title, three or four in the description and about six or seven in the keyword part

* try to keep the page under 20 kbs - 10 would be ideal

And all other pages should follow the same basic design. Keep these points in mind and you will be well on the way to creating a fast loading page that will be pleasing on the eye and will also be acceptable to the major Search Engines. And when it comes to submitting your site - do this only once, (though not submitting at all may even be the better option) then just update your pages on a regular basis. This is definitely better than continually submitting your site.

Robert Evans has been doing business online since October 2000. He has helped dozens of newbie and struggling internet marketers to build websites that work. Check out one of his services here


"Make Money Online"
Written by Jan Verhoeff
Create a business online with a market you can count on.  With this book, you can develop a business online, market your business, and learn to bring traffic to your site. Your effort determines your business results.  Get results today with an opportunity to build World Wide Enterprise!
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